Archem PRS is a UK based powders technology specialist. Manufacturing the most inclusive range of anti-off-set spray powders for the printing, textiles, glass, plastics and food packaging industries currently available on the market today.

We are small enough to be responsive to our customer needs but large enough to easily cope with high volume demands for coating technologies. We offer personalised customer service and agile technical support.

We strive to develop and deliver the best quality of product and are proud of our accreditations:

  • BG ETEM approved for low emissions;
  • BRC approved for food packaging; and
  • ISO 9001 accredited for quality assurance.
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Low Emission Product Certificate


Anti Set Off Powder

The best and most comprehensive range of Anti Set-Off and Barrier Spray Powders available.

Using a unique manufacturing process with bespoke machinery, Archem PRS Ltd are able to produce a degree of quality in Offset Spray Powder that few can match. Therefore, providing Archem with the capability of developing industrial coating spray powders for specific applications if one from the extensive existing range does not fit the customers requirements.

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BRC accredited to “AA” level with full HACCP protocols guarantee 

Shards from non sieved powders, these will block your machine nozzles. Thankfully due to our unique coating technology you won’t have this problem with Archem PRS powders and industrial coating. Sadly we cannot guarantee that many our competitors can say the same……Quality control at every stage and full traceability from field to end user. BRC accreditation to “AA” level with full HACCP protocols guarantee all Archem PRS products are of the highest standard.

ISO 9001 Approved Coating Technology

Offset Powders that you can rely on

Unclassified raw materials give you unusable DUST. Archem PRS powders are designed with less than 3% dust whereas many competitor products contain up to 33% dust (“Fines” which are particles less than 10u). That is 33% waste already! The real cost of your powder just went up by a third as those “Fines” don’t make the printed sheet, they go into the atmosphere all over your Machinery into motors and moving parts causing failures and accelerated wear, plus we breathe them in.

Grade Description
15WR Ultra high flow recommended for use in General Commercial Print and labels
20WR Ultra High Flow, extremely low dust BG approved. Recommended for Commercial print and labels
22WR Ultra High Flow, extremely low dust BG approved. Recommended for Commercial print and labels
30WR Ultra High Flow, extremely low dust BG approved. Recommended for Commercial print, Heavy Paper or Card and labels
50WR Ultra High Flow, extremely low dust BG approved. Recommended for Heavy Card, Carton printing and labels
Coated Fine High Flow blended powder for general commercial print
Coated Medium High Flow blended powder for general commercial print and heavier substrates
Coated Coarse High Flow Powder for Carton printing
  • All Grades also can be supplied as Uncoated or Regular
  • GMO Free and Food contact safe detailed information supplied on request
  • All Grades suitable for use in every type of Powder applicator
  • Certified by BGN for low dust emmission and BRC for Food Packaging
  • Kosher and Kosher for Passover Powders available on request
  • Complaint with all EC/FDA regulations and legislation


Quality products from a quality manufacturer. Paul Harvey and Paul Durrant know everything you need to know about spray powder and they manufacture in the UK. Quality and performance guaranteed with Archem.

The best spray powder on the market!


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