The importance of particle size in Anti Set-Off Spray Powders

Variance in particle size leads to waste, uneven distribution across the surface requiring higher machine settings in order to achieve the coverage needed to stop Blocking, Setting Off or Sticking. A powerful argument, as it encompasses cost, efficiency and the end “feel” of your product, we all know that over spraying leaves that rough, sandpaper type texture and feel. Using Archem manufactured powder will alleviate this problem leaving you a smooth feel to your product.

Archem PRS powders are designed with less than 3% dust whereas many competitor products contain up to 33% dust (“Fines” which are particles less than 10u). That is 33% waste already! The real cost of your powder just went up by a third as those “Fines” don’t make the printed sheet, they go into the atmosphere all over your Machinery into motors and moving parts causing failures and accelerated wear, plus we breathe them in. That BG Approval is a must have. It is well known that particles less than 10u stay in our lungs, there is some concern and debate around long term health issues as a result, why take a chance when we are all breathing that factory air in?

The wrong particle size will give you set off and/or massively increased usage, heavy stock requires a bigger particle size, commercial print a smaller one.