Archem’s Customised Particle Size Options

At Archem, we specialise in providing customised particle size options to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from printing to food packaging and beyond. Our tailored powder solutions are designed to optimise performance and deliver superior results across various applications. With our technical expertise in particle size modification services, we offer bespoke powder solutions…

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ARCHEM PRS LTD continents

Archem – Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Starch-Based Powders

At Archem, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in the spray powder industry. With a focus on innovation, top-notch manufacturing equipment, and personalized customer support, we are your go-to source for high-quality Powders suitable for various industries. Quality and Traceability  Our top priorities with Archem, you can trust in our unwavering commitment to quality. Our…

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ARCHEM PRS LTD group of products

Seeking Global Distribution Partners for Accredited Starch-Based Powders

Archem PRS is a leading manufacturer of starch-based powders. We are actively seeking professional distribution partners to expand our global reach.  With an inclusive range of products used in various industries, including graphic arts, flexible packaging, and sheet glass manufacturing, Archem offers comprehensive solutions for barrier powder needs. Backed by industry accreditations and a commitment…

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Bamboo Rig New

Elevate the Natural Experience of Reflexology with Archem Powders

Reflexology is a revered holistic practice that promotes relaxation and overall well-being. As practitioners and clients seek safer and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditionally used talcum powder. In this blog post, we explore the advantages of using Archem starch-based powders in place of talcum powder, highlighting their environmental friendliness, safety, and the seamless integration of…

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sheet glass

Enhancing Sheet Glass Production

Archem Powders are the trusted choice for sheet glass production, backed by our industry-leading accreditations. Our powders offer an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional methods, providing exceptional quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process. Accredited for Quality and Safety Our starch-based powders have achieved BG ETEM approval for low emissions, ensuring a cleaner and healthier…

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Introducing Archem PRS France SAS

Archem PRS Ltd (Archem) is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of the largest range of high quality starch based powders to a variety of industry sectors, including litho printing, graphic arts, flexible food packaging, sheet glass and more. We are currently distributing internationally as far afield as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, New…

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Archem PRS Rosette

Why Choose Archem PRS Ltd

Archem is a UK based powders technology specialist. Manufacturing the most inclusive range of starch-based powders for the printing, textiles, glass, plastics and food packaging industries currently available on the market today. Archem continues to further our global presence and reach through international distribution partnerships as well as the imminent set up of a EU…

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Flexible Film Packaging Market

The flexible plastic packaging market is one of the few that is set to boom over the next 5 years regardless of the economic downturn instigated by the Corona virus pandemic. Archem PRS has focused on being a specialist provider to the industry with unparalleled success. The global flexible packaging market size is projected to…

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Food Contact Safe

What is a “food contact safe” Anti Set Off Powder? Many Anti Set Off powder manufacturers claim their product is “food contact safe”. What does “food contact safe” exactly mean? In the broadest terms, it means the base raw material does not contain any gluten. However, the claim does not cover the manufacturing process where…

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Food Safe Anti Set Off Powders

Food Safe Anti Set Off Powders Many manufacturers claim their powders to be “food safe” in reality the only ones that can claim that 100% are those quality assured by the BRC. Many will issue statements that “adhere to” or “comply with” FDA and EC regulations. This is okay in as far as it goes…

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