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Top Quality Spray Powder

Powerful demo of the differences in quality between Archem PRS Powder and cheap Asian imported product. Unit cost may be cheaper but it has up to 28% dust which is unusable and will just coat the machine room, press, get into electric motors causing failures and Press moving parts causing accelerated wear. Cheap Powder is definitely a false economy

Simple Demonstration that shows the difference between Coated and Uncoated Anti Set Off / Spray Powders. Both have pros and cons for example Uncoated powders are better for follow on applications such as laminating, coating, foil blocking or backing up on press as they are soluble but the flow is not as good as Coated powders and they attract moisture so need more careful handling. Coated Powders flow well are moisture resistant and require less care in their use but can cause issues when backing up, laminating, off line UV coating etc