Approvals and Certification for Archem PRS Ltd Barrier Powder

Archem PRS Ltd’s Anti Set-Off are manufactured for use with Low Migration inks, Direct food contact meeting with FDA and EC approvals where necessary. This means our products are safe to use for food-packaging, as we aim to help you create the most transparent product possible by providing essential information to the end-user.

What’s more, on top of these food safe accreditations, our products are also ISO 9001 accredited, BG Etem approved for low emission and are BRC Grade AA approved for food packaging, so all the coating technologies we use are safe.

All Archem PRS products are available with Certificates of Origin, Analysis and Food certification where applicable. We can also manufacture barrier powder that complies with Kosher requirements and can offer a full Kosher For Passover service. So, regardless of your needs, there will be a product in our range that will meet the safety requirements your packaging has to comply with.

Archem PRS manufacture from NON-GM sources which can be an issue when using non-European sourced raw materials. However, we aim to make sure all our products as safe as possible so that they can be used for food packaging

  • BRC for Food Packaging Grade AA
  • ISO 9001 accredited
  • BG ETEM approved for low emission
  • Comply with all FDA/EC regulations

Download accreditation or go to our Certificates

Please contact us for copies of our accreditation or go to our Certificates page to download.