Archem PRS Grade 1500E Electrostatic Anti Set Off Powder Spray

Archem PRS 1500E is an uncoated, starch based anti set off powder spray, designed to prevent Ink set off in the stack when printing on 30gsm to 200gsm substrates for use in all Electrostatic applicators. The quoted stock gsm range for this specific grade is intended as a guide only. The correct micron size to use will be determined by other factors such as type of paper, weight of ink film etc. Non-absorbent substrates may require a larger micron spray powder.

Anti set off powder spray technical specification

  • Appearance Dry white powder.
  • Materials content Vegetable starch.
  • Average granule diameter 15μ (microns).
  • Moisture 11% – 14% (Certificate of Analysis available)
  • Hydrophobic characteristics Negative (non hydrophobic)
  • Spray and Flow rate Good

Product Benefits

  • Uncoated (non hydrophobic) spray powder excellent for multi pass work.
  • Narrow particle range.
  • Reduced Plate wear and piling on the Printing Blankets.
  • Cost effective and economical.
  • Highly controllable flow rate.
  • Biodegradable.

Directions for use

Suitable for all Sheetfed lithographic printing – single pass, multiple pass work and in conjunction with Water based Coatings. Always apply the minimum amount of spray powder required to prevent set off. Archem PRS anti-set off spray powders are developed for use in all types of spray powder applicators. Should be stored at room temperature in dry conditions, containers should be resealed after use to prevent the powder becoming damp or contaminated.


3kg 30 Kg